Welcome the Penticton Judo Club

Important Notice:

The Judo Club has decided to suspend all training sessions for 2020 Spring Break at the recommendation of Judo BC.

We will revisit how we are going to move forward at the end of the month.

Please visit the Facebook page for updates and we will do our best to keep member informed through email.

1st dojo ++

Judo training at the Fujimi-cho dojo as depicted by Shuzan Hishida circa 1886.
Observing from the platform at the left in Master Kano

We practise the traditional Kodokan Judo as established by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882.

If you are interested in pursuing the sport of judo for fun, fitness or self-defense we offer a free introductory lesson.  See the side-bar for time and place.